Shri Krishna Gaushala | Animal Welfare | Janswabhiman

Janswabhiman Welfare Society is glad to announce start of our 1st Gaushala (cattle-shelter) near Delhi. Cows in Janswabhiman's Shri Krishna Gaushala in

Compensation to family of SC train violence victim

During an unfortunate violence during train travel, a person belonging to SC community lost his life. Poor family of victim was long

Clothes distribution in Assam by Jan Swabhiman

On occasion of Durga Pooja, Jan Swabhiman distributed clothes among the needy ones in Assam. More than 350 families benefitted from this

Support to socially backward groups

Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society is committed towards harmonious upliftment of the family called humanity. This 360 degree upliftment has various components –

Self Defense Workshops

Jan Swabhiman conducted self defense workshops across India – Delhi, Bengaluru, Ghaziabad to train youth, especially women to save themselves in threatening

Animal Welfare

Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society has been actively involved in animal welfare activities. In Jharkhand, Telangana, Maharashtra and Gujarat, our volunteers have taken

Books on social equality

Highly qualified President and Executive Member of Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society having graduated from IITs and IIM have written books on social

Social equality Yajnas and awareness programs

Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society conducts social equality programs that aim at inculcating and promoting peace and brotherhood among society’s various sections. A

Financial help to polytechnic institute to enhance technical education in rural

Jan Swabhiman provided support of Rs 7.5 lakh for purpose of rural upliftment, girl children education and health to J.R. Polytechnic (Alundur,

Yes, I love I

“I” gives you the personal power. If you start-up your day with giving “I” a personal power boost, the world will seem so different with the same eyes! In this I, lies the world. You have to find everyday a new quality. This knowledge about I, will give you everyday a new prospective to live with and for in this life. It will make your days wonderful and protect you from evil eyes.