Top brains from eminent research institutions will file an intervention appeal in Mumbai High Court tomorrow against the public interest litigation of film actor Imran Khan where he opposed increase of minimum legal drinking age from 21 to 25 enforced by Maharashtra government from June this year.

Imran Khan, 28 along with his brother-in-law filed a PIL on 14th September arguing that this amounts to arbitrary prejudice against minorities. Jan Swabhiman – a registered welfare society led by young top-brains from IIT, IIM, Law, Medicine etc – have challenged this PIL and have termed it anti-national and inspired by liquor-bollywood industry nexus.

The President of Jan Swabhiman, who is an IIT-IIM graduate and specializes in analytical research for more than a decade states: “ We have developed our response solely from hundreds of published researches and WHO reports and not any personal views. There is clear evidence that alcohol permanently damages human brain that is not yet developed by age of 25. The social loss due to alcohol on individual and others is highest among all known drugs. Also increasing legal drinking age has been found to be the best intervention globally to tackle loss due to alcohol abuse. The liquor industry is facing global slowdown due to recent awareness and hence plans to target markets like India. Bollywood is already under radar for allying with anti-national forces earlier.”

The Medical Counselor, who is doing MD from Delhi reveals: “Most children are born in India to mothers of age 21-25. Slightest amount of alcohol consumed by mother can damage the babies intellectually forever. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is becoming a nuisance in countries having liberal drinking culture and even USA now strongly recommends total prohibition for  pregnant women to ensure future generation is not mentally affected. To allow alcohol for this age group is nothing short of a conspiracy to permanently damage our future.”


The Maharashtra Coordinator, a PhD scholar in Energy Sciences from IIT Bombay asserts that the greatest competitive edge of India is its intellectual capability. “World does not admire India for Bollywood but for its sharp brain. We cannot allow it to be destroyed because an Imran Khan feels so. “

“To link this issue with minority rights speaks volumes of intent or intellectual capability of petitioners. Imran Khan himself claims to be a teetotaler and performer of 5 daily Namaz. Has he not read the Quran and Hadiths that clearly say that promoting alcohol and encouraging undeveloped minds to use it, directly or indirectly, is greatest of sins? Imran Khan has insulted sentiments of millions of Muslim minorities by this petition”: says the legal counselor.

Jan Swabhiman had earlier taken up case against a song from Bhool Bhulaiya in 2007 when Censor Board had to delete certain scenes. It also successfully protested against denigration of historical role models in Delhi University books. It has stimulated the Agniveer movement ( that has obtained cult-status among spiritually inclined young intellectuals of India.

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