Regular Agniveer Vedic Concepts Training Classes in New Delhi would begin from January 15, 2012.

The classes would stress on the fundamental concepts of Vedic philosophy, their applications and meditation methods. Their would be lectures, doubt-clearing sessions and hands-on training.

Scholars from different domains would be conducting these lessons. The language of classes would be Hindi.

Prerequisites – The classes would require simply an attitude to accept truth, reject falsehood and a belief that YOU can be a legend. Rest is already within!

Duration –  Each month would cover a largely independent set of topics that require minimal pre-learning.

Location – Patel Nagar Arya Samaj Mandir (near Dayanand Model School, few minutes walk from Patel Nagar Metro Station on Blue Line).

Timing – 4pm to 6pm every Sunday.

Fees – The introductory fees is a nominal Rs 1500 for registration. All proceeds from fees would go towards propagation of Vedas. The fees will also be used to provide a set of books to registrants for their self-study and ready reference.

Special Introductory Offer – FIRST 25 registrants would be completely waived off the monthly fees.


Topics Covered –

1. Characteristics of Universal Religion

2. Significance of Vedas

3. Protection and Preservation of Vedas

4. Fundamental Concepts of Vedas

5. Practical Methods of Worship

6. Meditation Techniques

7. Behavioral Re-patterning Methods from Vedas

8. Attitude-building and Will power enhancement techniques

9. Health & Fitness

10. Vedic applications in contemporary issues

11. Vedic transformation and miracle in life

12. Method and Benefits of Havan – Beginner Level to Advanced

13. Concept of Yajna in life

14. Ashtang Yog Sadhana

15. Vedic literature

16. 6 Darshans

17. How to achieve anything in life using Vedic methods

18. Vedas and Social Issues

19. Comparative Study of Modern Religions and Vedas as a common platform among all religions

20. Doubt Clearing Sessions

and many more….

Almost all sessions would emphasize practicals and would not be merely lectures.


For details & Registration – contact us at [email protected] or Aryaveer Agni @ +918745030553 or join on Facebook Page Event

If you are in Delhi, do not miss the opportunity to revolutionize your life and achieve whatever you wanted to achieve. This promises to be the most impactful journey in life to discover and implement your true potentials. Be a miracle performer in life. 2 Hours a week will make a legend out of you that you could never imagine!