Compensation to family of SC train violence victim

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During an unfortunate violence during train travel, a person belonging to SC

Clothes distribution in Assam by Jan Swabhiman

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On occasion of Durga Pooja, Jan Swabhiman distributed clothes among the needy

Support to socially backward groups

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Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society is committed towards harmonious upliftment of the family

Upcoming Celebration Event

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Law of Weighted Average

Everything you have done, everything you thought of, every word you spoke has constructed your current reality. And through a simple hack, you can easily shape your future. Another eternal law

Third Law of Super Success

If there is no purpose, nothing in life makes any sense. Pursuing growth and being systematic have no meaning if the purpose is not worthwhile. This is an irrefutable law.

Second Law of Super Success

Law 2: Growth = Systematic How to avoid cancer? Let us first understand what is cancer. Cancer, unlike most diseases,

Yes, I love I

“I” gives you the personal power. If you start-up your day with giving “I” a personal power boost, the world will seem so different with the same eyes! In this I, lies the world. You have to find everyday a new quality. This knowledge about I, will give you everyday a new prospective to live with and for in this life. It will make your days wonderful and protect you from evil eyes.

Help poor survive the cold of winter in India

We plan to distribute free blankets to needy poor and install a hot-water geyser in Kalitala - a poor village in Howrah district of West Bengal, India. This will save thousands of valuable lives and help them survive the harshness of nature. Please join us in the cause.

Computer education for socially backward in Bengal

Rural development project undertaken by JSWS takes off in WB.

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