Growth and being Systematic are not sufficient for super success

If there is no growth, there is no life. And if the growth is not systematic, its cancer and not real growth. Its a rebellion against us within us. A breeding house of misery, sorrow and disease.

Now we need to look a bit more deeper and understand how do we decide whether something is systematic or not.

One can argue that even those who indulge in narcotics have a very systematic drug cartel managing the entire illegal narcotics business around the world. And they trade in real big money. They are showing tremendous business growth. ISIS terrorists who have surpassed even Al-Qaeda in their brutality are extremely well-organized. And they also are growing very fast. Betting rackets, drug cartels, terrorist outfits, human trafficking mafia – they all are examples of extremely high growth and extremely systematic organizations.

Does it mean we should follow their examples. Does it mean they are full of life. Does it mean such activities can lead to success and happiness?

Well, obviously no. You don’t need a self-help course or study of any laws to conclude that. I gave these extreme examples because they are so obvious.

But think of it – in every moment of life, we get an opportunity to do this, or do something else. Should I cheat that person slightly, to make some more money? Should I turn a blind eye to someone’s misery because I have something else important to do? Should I drink for my friend’s happiness or avoid alcohol? Should I do this or do that?

Now cumulative of all these small decisions we take in every moment shape the overall big picture of our life. They design whether we become a miniature ISIS or Hanuman. Remember Hanuman – the hero who singlehandedly destroyed the evil forces!

It is not sufficient to just have growth and be systematic. There is something more.

How do we decide what is more right and what is less right and what is definitely wrong in every moment? How do we decide that our systematic life is truly systematic and not just a useless structure. How do we decide that something is systematic in first place?

If its puzzling, lets think a bit differently. How do you decide some product you brought from market is useful or not. The product may have best design, best aesthetics and yet be useless for you. Consider the Nokia N Gage for example. It tried to combine a gaming console with a phone. It ended up being awkward in both. You had to remove the battery to change the game. Speaker and microphone were placed on side of the device! The device got extremely negative reviews. The horrible product and series of similar “well-designed” products ensured that the top phone manufacturer had to sell off the company to save from increasing losses.

What made Nokia N Gage such a failure. And make many products like iPhone such big hits. Yes, there is something about understanding the consumer needs. But what underlies within it is what gives meaning to pursuing growth and being systematic. Its PURPOSE.

Apple designed iPhone with specific purpose – give easy intuitive user-experience to non tech-savvy population. Nokia lost its purpose and tried doing things without clarity.

Similarly, while the terror groups and drug cartels and other nuisance mongers may be very systematic and growth oriented, they lack a worthwhile purpose. Not that they do not have a purpose, they indeed have. But the purpose is foolish. Pursue junk and you get junk.

Pursue worthwhile and you get worthwhile. So yes, Life is growth, and growth must be systematic. But add one more step to it: Systematic means having purpose.

If there is no purpose or a junk purpose, it is not systematic. It is just a shabby poor design failure.

In life, unless you have a purpose, and that purpose is worthwhile, and you keep pursuing growth and structure to fulfill that purpose, life has no meaning. Success is impossible, happiness is impossible.

Life must have purpose
Everything you do in life must have purpose
Long-term purpose is always better than short-term purpose
If you cannot decide purpose of something, better avoid it
If something ultimately leads to negative things, it is worthless to pursue even for a second
Every moment in life, everything you do or think or speak must serve some purpose.
Practice avoiding things that actually harm long term purpose.