Unleash The Legend

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Unleash the Legend TM is a special initiative to program you for lifelong success. And create legends out of each of us through use of most powerful and proven methods.
Over centuries humankind has witnessed so many success stories out of ordinary mortals. They were not born with a silver spoon, many had inborn debilities, they came from most deprived backgrounds, and yet could leave a mark they we all are proud of.

Naina Chitlangia – The Coach

Naina is a world-renowned life-skills coach whose dynamic presence captivates the audience. She specializes in instant behavioral re-patterning and subliminal transformation. She is the CEO of Unleash the Legend which is dedicated to life-skills coaching, entrepreneurial and leadership skills development. She is founder of Shining Network student movement – the most respected student initiative into constructive social transformation – and has drawn accolades from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal and Dalai Lama among others for her dynamic influence.
She is a professional speaker and faculty at various eminent institutes including Institute of Company Secretaries of India and various other management institutes.
Our Inspiration
We are inspired to launch Unleash The Legend by the transformational work done by Sri Sanjeev Newar, who has taken success-seeking youth in country by storm. Most impactful content on spiritual and purposeful transformation rooted in Indian value system. He is our role model.

Sanjeev Newar – Our Hero

He has transformed lives of lakhs through life skills and personality development.
Professionally, Sanjeevji is an acclaimed Global Trainer and visiting faculty in reputed institutes like IITs and IIMs. He is Regional Director of PRMIA and CEO of a renowned risk management firm. He is an alumnus from IIT and IIM with more than a decade of experience in professional organizations. He is an Artificial Intelligence & Simulations wizard, a fitness expert, eloquent speaker, inspiring writer, finance guru and many more roles combined into one. Few people know that he has developed the most advanced Business Simulation Engine in world, and had launched the largest Business Plan Event in world in his youth. People call him a hypnotist. We call him our hero.

Unleash the Legend TM is a mission to go deep into their success patterns and bring forth to you distilled top-secrets that carve legends out of you.
So instead of you reinventing the feel or praying to destiny to make you wiser to understand success-secrets, we bring it all to you like a cheat-sheet. And you can use this to achieve in few days and months, what otherwise took years and generations.
Unleash the Legend TM will bring out the leader in you – be it in industry, management, society, politics, sports or any other field that you can think of. After all the success secrets remain the same!

Unleash the Legend TMdwells into the first books of humankind – the Vedas – that started the success journey of humanity – to search for these secret formulae. It brings to you power of Yoga, psychology, philosophy, business management, physical sciences and a huge number of other fields in most easy to assimilate and practical format so that you can start unleashing the legend from this very moment. In fact the Unleash the Legend curriculum is so designed that even passive listening or reading starts unlocking your potentials by reprogramming your subconscious mind for success.

Unleash the Legend TM is based on the firm principle that each of us is already naturally programmed for enormous success. What hinders us from achieving this success is unscientific failure conditioning that we expose ourselves to knowingly and unknowingly. So Unleash the Legend works at subliminal and conscious levels to make us quickly ‘unlearn’ this failure conditioning and reprogram us back to success. It starts working within minutes and starts performing miracles within no time!
Unleash the Legend is outcome of a gigantic amount of research as well having first-hand experience in transforming lives of several thousands. The faculty of Unleash the Legend include business leaders from most eminent institutions like IIT, IIM, CA and CS with tremendous industry experience.
Do you want to be success-incarnate? Break the shackles of failure, poverty, lack of confidence? And be full of confidence, competence, riches and glory?…within minutes?
Then join us immediately!
Unleash the Legend within….right now!