Why ‘Yes, I love I

I am my greatest possession. I am the most precious. I am the meaning of my life. Yet I see the world upset with I. As a child, life was so beautiful – no worries, no complaints, no frustrations, no grudges. But as I grew older, my happiness started evaporating. Smiles started giving way to tensions. Innocence started turning into deceit. Gratitude turned into complaints. I started feeling that the world is not fair to me. It does not appreciate my talents, does not empathize with my situations, does not reciprocate my sincere sentiments. It misunderstands me, cheats me, exploits me. I see so many individuals living in their own islands of complaints against rest of the world. I see myself always struggling to balance between flights of my dreams and harsh realities of rest of the world.

And then I realized – despite all the grief, all the complaints, all the unfairness – that life is still worth living. I love life more than anything else. This love makes me strive despite all the challenges. This love urges me to look up to next moment with hope. This love makes life more valuable than death even in most depressing situations.

And what is this life. It is nothing but the feeling of ‘I exist’ – I observe, I feel, I act. This ‘I’ is most precious and I love this ‘I’ the most. This love for ‘I’ gives meaning to everything else. This is the source. This is the foundation. And when I realized this, I also realized that this was just the beginning. The realization goes way beyond.

I realized that the cause of all sorrows and miseries and tensions and frustrations is not what the world keeps doing to me or the way my destiny ridicules me. It is my own denial of what is the most obvious basis of life – that ‘I’ love ‘I’ more than anything else. Nothing apart from ‘I’ touches ‘I’. So ‘I’ myself am the cause of my troubles or happiness. What happens around me impacts me only to extent ‘I’ decide them to impact ‘I’.

I realize that there is no option to not love ‘I’. Because my existence itself proves that ‘I’ love ‘I’. But I can choose to love ‘I’ and willfully embrace this reality. And have love and happiness in life. Or I can choose to love ‘I’ but still not accept this reality. And hence deny the love and happiness that is all around me and within me.

I also realized that the world as I see around me is simply a reflection of my own inner realities. I decide how the world appears to me. I decide how the world should behave with me. I decide the world around me. As I think, so the world changes. I see all individuals as separate islands of ‘ego’ competing among each other to assert their own petty ‘I’s, and I hear a cacophony of empty vessels hitting each other. I see the same ‘I’ as I see in my own ‘I’ and suddenly there is harmony, rhythm and melody.

Just as ‘I’ love ‘I’, he loves his ‘I’, she loves her ‘I’, you love your ‘I’. I appreciate and respect their ‘I’s as well. I go a step beyond, and realize that this ‘I’, that ‘I’, my ‘I’, your ‘I’, all ‘I’s are powered by same source that generates love and happiness of being ‘I’. The source is same. The result is also same : ‘I’ love ‘I’. And in a stroke my ‘I’ expands beyond my body to entire universe. My ‘I’ now includes every ‘I’ that loves ‘I’. My ‘I’ now includes everything in world that ‘I’ use to showcase that love for ‘I’. My ‘I’ includes entire universe – living or non-living, here or there, heard or unheard.

And yo! This is the most amazing realization. When ‘I’ includes entire world, who do I hate or love more? Who do I compete with? Who do I complain against? Who do I snatch from? Who do I feel jealous against? Who do I hold culprit? Who do I call victim?

Since I love ‘I’, I need to extract nothing more from world. I simply focus on giving more and more to strengthen my ‘I’ everywhere and in everyone. I now realize my goal. My goal is to continuously keep increasing my love for ‘I’. To love ‘I’ this moment more than ‘I’ loved ‘I’ ever. And love ‘I’ even more in next moment. To destroy whatever acts as an obstacle to maximization of this love for ‘I’. And strengthen whatever makes ‘I’ love ‘I’ more and more.

I don’t want ‘I’ to get more rupees. I want ‘I’ to generate more ‘wealth’ that adds more love to ‘I’.  I don’t want ‘I’ to become an island of egomania. I want ‘I’ to connect and cooperate with everything and everyone in this world. I don’t want to take revenge against world’s unfair treatment. My ‘I’ now includes the world. I want world to be better and improved so that there is more love for ‘I’. I don’t want to take. I want to give. Life is not a competition. Life is cooperation. Life is Yajna. Life is all about going beyond limits. And having limitless love for ‘I’. Love that transcends all petty desires, lust, cravings and expectations. Love that connects to the source – unconditionally, permanently. Love that brings satisfaction for being what I already am. Love that exists simply because ‘I’ exist. Love that exists because the source powers the ‘I’.

Love that brings oneness with the source – full harmony with entire universe. Love that includes the source in ‘I’.

I now know what I have to do in life. I have to simply love ‘I’. Through wonderful thoughts and even more worthy actions.

Lets celebrate the ‘I’. Lets love ‘I’.

Yes, ‘I’ love ‘I’

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