Now you can donate towards Jan Swabhiman’s Vedic cause in a secured manner through virtually all credit cards, debit cards and netbanking options. This feature is available only for Indian citizens. You can also avail of 80G rebate under IT Act if you quote your PAN Card during the transaction.
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For more options, please visit: and select options for Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society

Note before any donation:

All contributions to Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society are non-refundable in all situations. No requests for refunds or cancelation will be entertained for any donation made through cash, check, bank transfer, kind or any other means. All our accounts are audited by certified professionals and we maintain highest standards of work ethics and transparency. Owing to nature of our work, we share our accounts and financial details only with government authorized officials. We normally do not undertake project-specific donations. All donations are pooled together in a common corpus and invested in currently feasible projects and expense-heads as per priority. By contributing to Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society, donors acknowledge that Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society has the authority to apply contributions designated for any particular project to another, related purpose. All decisions of authorized persons are final and binding in this regard. Please also note that Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society – a non-profit society for welfare of world has got rights to use Agniveer brand for its activities after due consent from founder of Agniveer concept and brand. Since Agniveer brand is very widespread and popular today, it is important to know that ONLY contributions in name of Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society are of non-profit nature and used solely for welfare activities. All other financial transactions in name of Agniveer or any other name are separate from Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society and are under purview of the owners of Agniveer brand and are not non-profit from legal point of view. Such financial transactions in name of Agniveer have nothing to do with Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society which is a completely separate entity.

We do not accept donations from non-Indians due to regulatory norms. Such people are requested to support us through spreading good word and making lives of people around them better!