Our Mission

Jan Swabhiman aims to bring the mainstream world population closer to values of  Truth and Rationalism.

It emphasizes promotion of human values of honesty, non-aggression, truthfulness and social welfare and to promote the values of scientific temper and rationalism for a better world.

What We Believe

We dream of a world in which all of us live up to core values of universal humanism, righteousness, honesty, truth, equality, peace, tolerance and purposeful living and work towards making our society, nation and world a more human place.

Our prime mission is to make “Satyameva Jayate” – The Slogan of our nation, a slogan for each youth.

The vision, mission and pledge is to integrate the efforts of educated, qualified and dynamic people towards social and physical upliftment and nationalism. Jan swabhiman upholds National Pride and respect for its heritage, Vedic values and heritage among the youth and common people, unity and brotherhood among countrymen, yoga and yogic activities for a better and healthy living, natural ways for treatment of ailments, health awareness and physical well being among needy people.

Our Mentor

Sanjeev Newar
Sanjeev NewarLeader
I am a habitual multi-tasker who finds it difficult to explain what all he is into these days!
By profession, I am an engineer and business manager. I enjoy sharing whatever wonderful learnings my nation gifted me through the most eminent centers of educational excellence.
Apart from this I am also involved in training in the area of Finance, Risk Management, Personality Development, Career Skills, Health & Fitness. Training indeed is a passion and I love to share whatever I have learnt as a humble return for whatever the world has taught me.
I stay in Delhi but keep traveling around. Am known to be bad in returning calls and mails. But believe me, I try my best! Its just that my multitasking habit keeps pulling me into some stuff or other that make me lose track of everything else including time and hunger! Sorry I lied about the latter. I really have a big appetite that keeps growing! And it indeed drives me in tough situations as I cannot tolerate junk food at all. I need to eat good food, and need to eat them a lot, and a lot many times in the day! Enough to keep everyone around me busy!
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Jan Swabhiman has functional relations with major networks on education initiative within and outside delhi. We have so far organized health checkup, eye-checkup and yoga camps successfully in Haryana, Chattisgarh and West Bengal benefiting two hundred people. Furthermore we have launched three websites of an international standard to promote our cultural and moral values. Jan Swabhiman has recently collaborated with Sikhsha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas, dealing in the revolutionarising the system of education and hedging towards national reconstruction. The initiative for establishing a library of Vedic books in New Delhi is being executed, where unpublished and rare books will be restored and made available. For further prevention these books are digitalized and formatted into e- books for mass availability.

Jan Swabhiman future plans will be more dynamic and vibrant to spread its colors across the globe. We plan to organize seminar at international & national levels, adjoining leaders across the world. Future initiatives will also be made for mass reach of ideology through audio-video sessions with scholars; film production. There is still a lot to be done and we are confident that if we continue to invest time and energy in true partnerships of equals, we will continue to make a difference in the national integration.