Computer education for socially backward in Bengal

The JSWS Bengal has successfully started the “Rural Development Project”. Undertaken by Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society to impart soft skills for FREE to the rural youth to empower them to carry out e-commerce and other job opportunities, this project is well structured to include the latest courses which will serve to provide them self-employment in today’s world of IT and promote their local culture and economy.

Aims to empower them financially in long term. Successful in bringing a ray of hope in the eyes of all after a long-term frustration among the poor youth of the area.

The class was attended mostly by poor students from socially disadvantaged background ranging from Class 10th to B.Com including 9 girls on the very first day. Apart from teaching the basics of computers and HTML, Shri Soumya Deep Chatterjee started the first day explaining the youth to take up the responsibility on their own shoulders to live in “Swabhiman” or self esteem with their heads held high. He also told them to cut the vicious circle of poverty and exploitation by being self-reliable and ensured them that JSWS is with them as an all-weather friend.

The students are planned to be taught HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP so that they become Web-Developers/Designers and get tech-enabled enough to earn a decent living. They also learn ability to promote their local culture and economy online and hence create an IT hub. The methodology is not a classroom system but a Gurukul-Model of teaching where few students learn and conceive the knowledge and become teachers to others and impart whatever they have learned from the first teacher. Hence this model ensures fast propagation of knowledge (and hence self-reliance) to the masses. Further, the model is integrated with lessons on self-help, motivation, culture, ethics and business management to create successful entrepreneurs.

President, Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society Shri Sanjeev Newar Ji has been the mastermind behind this model. We pray to Almighty to show us the correct way for the noble cause. And we promise that we will keep doing whatever little we can till our last breath.

Om Shantih Om Shantih Om Shantih

Help JSWS in the mission of rural development. We sincerely need your support to scale up the process and bring true transformation.

– Reported by JSWS Bengal Team


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